OESD Affiliate

We have been carrying OESD stabilizers for a long time and know just how wonderful they are. OESD is also the distributor of our Isacord thread we love sew much!
Well now we have become an affiliate for OESD Emroidery Online Designs!
The link below will take you to their site where you can find some of the most adorable designs https://embroideryonline.com?aff=321325
My first project is going to be this adorable little Christmas tree.
If you want to make it with me just click the picture!

Some time the beginning of August we will have a new kiosk set up in the store where you can browse designs and we can load them right onto a usb drive that you can take home, plug into your machine and stitch away! We look forward to supplying this awesome service to all of you! Until then Be Creative!!

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