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Filter Set for Brio Canister SFBRIO

Filter Set for Brio Canister SFBRIO

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High flow filter set for the Brio canister vacuum.

  • The high flow filtration holds up to the heavy duty vacuum cleaner – our Simplicity “Can of Steel.”  
  • Replacing the filters regularly will help keep your Simplicity vacuum cleaner running at a high-performance level
  • Compatible with Simplicity Brio vacuum canister model only
  • Care instructions are to replace the canister vacuum filters every couple of months; do not wash and reuse

Keep your Simplicity vacuum cleaner running at peak performance with the vacuum filter replacement kit for your Simplicity Brio canister vac. The Simplicity vacuum replacement set contains two filter parts that should be replaced at the same time.

(1) The large foam filter works well for bigger messes and

(2) the premium pleated filter creates a barrier for fine dust, keeping those particles from releasing back out of the vacuum cleaner and into your freshly cleaned room.


The set of vacuum filters include genuine Simplicity filter replacements only. Simplicity SBCH-3 vacuum bag replacements and other Simplicity tools and accessories are sold separately. 

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