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S100 Sport Portable Canister with Shoulder Strap S100.6

S100 Sport Portable Canister with Shoulder Strap S100.6

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Newly redesigned, the Sport is a  go-anywhere, lightweight handheld canister vacuum that excels at cleaning on the go.

  • Weights just 4.5 pounds
  • Improved tool set empowers your versatile cleaning
  • Blower port for inflating air mattresses of clearing leaves or debris
  • Toggle the floor tool when you need to go from carpets/rugs to bare floors
  • Integrated cord wrap helps you stay compact when storing

The Sport is our compact travel vac, designed for use "on the go." It weighs only 4.5 pounds, and has a handle and a shoulder strap, so carrying is never a hassle. 

We've put some helpful features in this vacuum, like the cord wrap around the rear of the machine, helping you stay organized when storing it. We also put a blower port on the rear, so you can use the vacuum as a leaf blower or to inflate things like air mattresses. 

We include several tools to get in every conceivable spot you need to clean: the upholstery brush, dusting brush, crevice tool, and dual wands. Plus the floor tool, which has  a switch that lowers or raises the bristles, depending on what type of floor you need to clean. 

The Sport comes with 1 electrostatic bag and is backed by a 1 year warranty. 

For trailers or cars or vacation homes, or really anywhere, the Sport is up to the challenge.

In the box, you'll find: 


          1. Sport canister vacuum - with integrated cord wrap

          2. Dual wands - use together or separately 

          3. Floor tool - Flip the toggle to go from carpet to bare floors

          4. Hose - Long and flexible

          5. Upholstery tool - Attach to hose or wand for cleaning furniture

          6. Dusting brush - Attach to hose or wand

          7. Crevice tool - For getting in narrow spaces

          8. Shoulder strap - Sling the vacuum so you can use both hands

          9. Tool storage bag - Store all attachments when not using them

         10. Electrostatic bag

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